Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: My kid or student is not very good in school, why is he asked to appear in this test?

Answer 1: What is judged is not the 6th-graders’ ability to solve the problem but how they approach the problem, the process and their logical mind. It is not to evaluate, answer being right or wrong.

Q2: Are Rural Boys Good enough for these tests? What do you see as their future?

A2: In last few years Rural boys who were selected out of a similar test qualified to represent Orissa in Indian Math Olympiad, repeatedly. In the past, one rural boy went on to represent India at Simeiz, Crimea, Ukraine in 
International Astronomy Olympiad .  He earned a Silver medal in II Diploma, Junior Group, for India.

Q3: What is Rural Mathematics Talent Search(RMTS) test, what does it achieve?

A3. There is always a chance that, like Ramanujan, a genius will take a Prof. Hardy, to unearth and mentor. This test is a small attempt at that.

Q4: How have your experience been in unearthing talent through the RMTS, so far? 

A.4. Indeed very good, as detailed below
  1. We have found two boys who used do tea cup washing in wayside tea stalls to support their dream to study, which was a luxury to their daily wage earning parents. Once their talents were spotted through RMTS, they have flourished, as they were mentored and monitored. Now they are in post plus two stage studying in Ravenshaw University & we believe they will both succeed in life. Both have graduated credibly from High School, and this year in Plus 2
  2. Himalya Niranjan Senapati, the scholar who is referred to above in A. 2. came from a rural back ground and was ranked 2nd in 2003 – first RMTS test conducted.  He is now in Chennai Institute of Mathematics, studying for 5 years Masters course with a Rs. 5000 per month scholarship. He would have unlikely reached this height without RMTS.
  3. He came back this year to teach in RMTS, camps to inspire and enthuse others in camp this year.