Those who teach in camps: 

Prof. Sudarshan Padhy ,Prof, Utkal University Combinations
Birendra Nayak , Prof., Utkal University Geometry
Gurubari Sahoo, Lecturer , Banki College Algebra/Geometry 
Sudarshan Nayak, Reader. Fakirmohan College Balasore Number Theory
Aksaya Kumar Mishra, Prof. Berhampur University Algebra/ Number Theory
Dr. Banamali Misra (Retired principal R.D. Woman’s College) Combinations , Inequality
Prof. G. N. Das , Former Vice Chancellor, Utkal University Inequality
Prof. P. C. Das,  Former Prof. Mathematics, IIT, Kanpur  Inequality
Prof. S. Pattnayak, Director of IMA Number Theory
Tanaya Patel Lecturer , M.S. College Identities
Dr. Hadibandhu Pattanayak, Reader in Mathematics, Revenshaw College. Geometry
Dr. Dipak Dalei, Faculty of NISER Cryptography
Dr. Brundaban Sahoo, Faculty of NISER Number Theory
Dr. Tarakanta Nayak, IIT , Bhubaneswar Complex  Dynamics
Dr.  Ajit Srivastav , IOP, Bhubaneswar, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory & Cosmology. Demystifies Astronomy to take it out of the realm of Astrology.