Aims & Objectives 

The bulk of population of Orissa still live in rural areas per 2011 census. Of all children who attend the schools most live in the rural areas. The Mathematics Olympiads that were being conducted in India/Odisha did not touch the rural population. If talents are to be looked for it is imperative that we include for the rural talents . But because of the socio economic condition of the parents of the rural children, they are unable to participate even in the general talents search programmes.  Up to Class-V the rural as well urban children have been found to have about the same competence. But a quantum jump occurs at Class-VI level, due mostly, to lack of nurture moving forward.  To avert this challenging situation RMTS (Rural Math Talent Search) is an unique and pioneering work conceived by IMA (Institute of Mathematics and Applications), BBSR..
The Aim and Objectives  of  RMTS program thus are:
  • To spot Mathematics talents at Class-VI level
  • Train them regularly for three years to hone their talent and skills.
  • Through such periodic training prepare them to compete with better equipped urban children.
  • To kindle an interest in solving challenging problems in mathematics.
  • Generate greater interest in education, in general.
  • Stem the tide of dropouts through spread of ideas of positive reinforcement.
  • Train teachers into practicing teaching in a cooperative environment and modern methods of teaching mathematics.

Our experiences of last Seven years(2003-2010) have shown that this is working.