Institute of Mathematics and Applications (IMA) is a premier Organization that has conceived this path breaking attempt to bring in the rural kids to the fore before they wither away. This has been appreciated by Government of India (GOI), which supports this program.
IMA was established in year 1999, by Government of Orissa (GOO). 
Please read the article below to see detail as to how and why Rural Math Talent Search (RMTS) project was started. 
One of the goals set in IMA’s charter was:

IMA conducted 1st RMTS Tests in 2003. Seven more RMTS tests have been conducted in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,  2009 & 2010.  In all Eight batches of students have been picked and nurtured, through two weeklong camps every year. RMTS 2011 will be the 9th RMTS examination.  From year 2007, the tests are being done in two phases.  In the 1st phase 1000 are selected out of the participants and another test is conducted to finalize the winners.  Last year we reached about half of the 314 blocks of Odisha.

Currently  scholars are mentored and monitored for 3 years and in 6 camps.  These camps are financed by the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India (GOI). Some NRIs and education enthusiasts in India have come forward to donate scholarships to the selected students @ Rs. 1500/ year for 5 years (to class 10) to encourage these young scholars. Details are as follows:

Please use the web links to learn about the support Organizations:


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